Addi Baby Jacket

I really enjoy the speed with which things knit up on the Addi. I like that all the boringness of a scarf is gone and I can whip up a quick gift in no time.

By far, the biggest challenge I have faced is sizing. I diligently follow patterns and yet what comes out is rarely fit for a normally proportion human.

It’s so upsetting to put in all the time and effort required for all the separate pieces, only to stitch them together and find you’ve made…….. nothing!

The cycle was never ending: look up a pattern, knit the pattern, realise it looks nothing like a jumper, compare to average “newborn jumper” measurements, compare these measurements to test knit squares…. and so on. Very time consuming.

Only very late in this process did it occur to me to get an actual jumper.

Thankfully, my neighbour recently (and rather conveniently) had a baby. And so, no sooner had this thought occurred to me than she lent me clothes to fit a newborn and a 3-6 month old.

So with a real 3-6m baby sized jumper in my hand and accurately measured, I designed a simple pattern, knitted a test “back” piece on the Addi, compared it to the real top, made the necessary adjustments, re-knitted the back and……

I’d finally done it! A jumper that would fit a real human baby!!!

And so, with all the pieces successfully sewn together and a neat little crochet border I can finally say I made something (other than a scarf) on the Addi that I would be happy to give to some I love.

The pattern is available here.

But as a disclaimer I should say, I don’t know the Addi “rules” – if there even are any. Some of these pieces will involve counting rows yourself as the counter won’t tick over once you cast off stitches.

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