Buying an Addi knitting machine

I bought myself a new toy!

I debated about this forever. I ummed and ahhed and talked myself out of it. So I thought, before I waste too much money I would test out the idea by first buying a generic brand from eBay.

This was not an ideal introduction into loom knitting machines. Quite frankly, it was a disaster! It was clunky and halting. It skipped and stopped and wobbled all over the place – but it did knit. It was chore and I didn’t enjoy a second of it. I then, with pride and joy, I took the knitting off the machine and it was a hot mess! Skipped stitches, split stitches, ladders…. I was back to my 7 year old frustrated self with a falling apart scarf and no idea how it got like that!

I do have plans to take it apart and see if I can make it run better but it has sat on a shelf since day 2 after it arrived.

I naturally just assumed that loom knitting wasn’t for me but the spark of interest persisted…. I think it must be the lure of knitting something so quickly and eliminating some of the tedious work of plain panels and tubes.

So I bit the bullet and decided to buy an Addi machine – purported to be the best and most reliable and , therefore, comes with the price tag to match!


How do you decide??

You can get an addi Kingsize (46 needles)

This is ideal for larger projects, particularly adult hats, jumpers, wraps.

Or an Addi express (22 needles)

Ideal for smaller projects – baby hats, mitts and mittens.

Or an egg (for making cord)

I owe my sanity to Margaret Oleander’s blog and YouTube channel:

I watched endless videos and clicked on many other links to different patterns and ideas. I set up a Pinterest board for ideas and “gathered my evidence”. Turns out I want them all!! Why would I not want the Kingsize to knit myself a gorgeous cowl and an Express to knit the matching gloves?

I decided if I was going to do it, I would go big and work my way down…. So now I am the proud owner of an Addi Kingsize knitting machine.

So let’s see how it goes…..

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